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08 Feb 2023

The Reverse of a the Statue of Liberty Commemorative 1965.

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Hi everyone hope all is well. I picked up this medal many years back. I wasn't looking into them but this one was special. Not only does it honor the Statue of Liberty but the reverse honors the Federal Hall National Memorial! Don't stop there That's when New York was Named the Capitol of the U.S.!!

Now there is one more thing on this medal it honors the building were Gen. George Washington gave his Inauguration speech as President!! How much more do you need on a medal. I think it was done very well.
Now the Spanish and the French were constantly fighting with each other. Sending explorer's to the east coast of the new world. But the Dutch snuck in their also. But first Giovanni da Verrazzano sailing for the French discovered the land called New York today in 1524. Soon to be claimed by the Dutch first land claim in 1609. It seems everyone was looking for N.Y. It gets better.

The next explorer was a navigator named Henry Hudson . Lets go back for a small mistake in history. New York built the Longest Expansion bridge in the world at the time and named it after Mr. Verrazzano. Beautiful bridge. This was starred in the 1960's. Here we go it was opened for more than fifty years when someone noticed they spelt his name wrong!!! All the big signs and the little ones wrong. Only in N.Y. Gov. Cuomo had it changed! Cost a ton of money. It connects Brooklyn to Staten Island..

Sorry I had to get that in. Now the Dutch named it New Amsterdam. Now in 1653 it came under British rule. In 1664 it was named New York after king Charles 11 of England granted all the land to his brother the Duke of York. Now you can't be sure I left someone outl it became the 11 State in 7/26/1788.

There is one more. Peter Minuit bought it from the Indians in1626 for 24 dollars in fur and other items not trinkets. He named it New Amsterdam

One other date I came across Lincoln was not the first to want an end to slavery. It was Benjamin Franklin on February,3,1790. Just had to add that I thought it was interesting! So if you can make all this out your doing better than I am. Please tap on the medal you can see everything it honors! I think I paid 10.00. But it had so much history I just had to have it. Take care stay well.

I realized when I was done the page on the Statue of Liberty was missing. I will make it up to you guys! Sorry about that! My Next blog will be on the Statue of Liberty. My fault. No excuses.



Level 4

Great research! Your blogs are the best

Long Beard

Level 5

There you go again. Forcing me to search for another addition to the hoard. And that's a beauty!


Level 6

Great looking medal! Enjoyed your blog. Nice photos Mike! ; )

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Beautiful medal and history thanks for sharing .


Level 5

Wonderful way to hold history.


Level 6

Great blog on the founding of the country. Interesting medal.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow, thanks for the blog, the medal is most impressive!


Level 6

What a great blog Mike. o much history. Your photos are amazing. I can sure feel your new York pride coming through. Thanks.

A nice medal with plenty of history in its design!


Level 5

Thanks for sharing a nice medal and history.

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