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27 Jan 2020

The Token That Has Music Middlesex D&H 302

Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone. Well I have allot of Tokens. Trade private, political all sorts. When I saw this one I was curious. Now I wanted it for many years. So I tried to see if the notes were real or just a bunch of notes. To my surprise the music coincides with a song most of the old timers knew and middle age. I don't know what there teaching in school anymore but it's called God Save The King.

Now it's not on the top ten but the music goes to a song we used to sing sometimes in school . It's the music to My Country Tis of Thee. Remember that . It's very patriotic. We want it every day in class. The Token is 30 mm 14-8 grams. It says God Save The King. Below it there is a crown all encircled by the notes to God Save The King.

It was done by William Forster. It says on the reverses Wm Forster Violin Tenor, and Violincello maker No 348 Strand London. Strand London was a stretch of stores that made these wonderful instruments. If you ever get a chance to go to a quartet go. It's some of the most beautiful music you can hear. You can put your head back and close your eyes. I use to go when I could. I will start once again.
Now I put a bid on it to my surprise many showed up. It's not rare or scarce. It shows you these tokens will surprise you all the time. I looked at it again on the reverses it was the shield of King George The III. I wonder how many picked that up. Well I paid a reasonable price. And I was glad I did. I had seen it in the books but now I could own it. I did. I started to do the research and never figured that those notes were the real thing. England is very good at adapting. When the King died and a Woman took the Throne naturally it was changed to God Save The Queen. This is just another reason I love these tokens. A sorry for everyone. Maybe we can change the words to God Save The ANA. Hope you enjoyed reading this as enjoyed writing it. Enjoy. Mike.



Level 5

I liked the information you provided. Great photos.


Level 6

Not only are your blogs fantastic so are your photos. I like this token. It sure has some nice things going on. Thanks..


Level 6

Mike, you ave a very discerning eye and always show us your finds with a fascinating backstory. Thanks again Mike, you are a numismatic teacher for darned sure.

The reverse is spectacular and is a must-have in mint state!


Level 5

Interesting story. I am looking forward to my next coin show to see what tokens and medals i can find. Although I do have some medals and tokens, nothing like this. Would like to see what is out there. thanks MikeB

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