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28 Jan 2022


Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Well the snow is coming so I decided to write a blog on an item that I have not seen in a long time on this site. Medals The medal below I last wrote about four years ago. Only three people are still here. The contents will be different.

The medal was made by a very famous medal maker . Jacques Weiner. He was the oldest of three brothers all excellent engravers. Now this was made in 1856. He had made thirty before this. He decided to do a series on fifty cathedrals in Europe. Things were going well. But when he came to the 41 medal he had lost his sight from all the detail he put into his work.

I saw this on a Heritage Auction. No one was bidding. Then again most people don't collect medals and there were plenty to choose from. I saw the price and said I'm not winning this. I put a bid in and won!!

Now he liked to write history on his medals. The bottom reads St. Peters church Founded about 612 rebuilt and erected an Abbey 958-1049. Now the left reads The present church constructed 1220-1285 restored end of the XV11 centurty. Now the right side reads Westminster Hall built 1397and the chapel of Henry V11 commenced 1503. Now that saved me allot of reserch.

The name Hoydonk was the name of the person who researched Wieners medals. His full name was Emil Van Hoydonk.Now Jacques Weiner lived in Belgium. Born in 1815 died 1899. Now his two brothers did very well. His brother Charles became the assistant engraver at the Royal mint. His brother Leopold was appointed first engraver to the Belgium mint. A very talented family. There work commands good prices.

The medal is bronzed copper and is 60 mm. Now there were famous wedding held there in the Monarchy. And famous people buried there. Here are a few.Charles Darwin,Charles Dickens,Rudyard Kipling,George Fredrick Handel,and Richard the 111,, Sir Isaac Newton. There are about 100 people buried there. No more will be buried there according to the laws they passed. I called and tried to make a reservation but was turned down. The black and white picture I believe is in honor of George Fredrick Handel. The French loved him

...The picture of the stained glass is called the famous Rose window. They are in other cathedrals in Europe. In Spain and France and of course Westminster. that is the flower of that country. I hope you enjoyed this . Medals do have value. It depends on who made it. They also are made for sentimental reasons and to commemorate famous occasions. I hope you enjoyed the read. There are many beautiful medals out there. Take a peek! Be well stay safe!! Excuse the pictures . They were taken with my old camera.




Level 4

It is an ambitious strike for the mid-1800s

Long Beard

Level 5

Always enjoy your blogs. Few others pack in so much history. Thanks, Mike!


Level 5

Great Medal ! 60 MM is nice and large. I am really interested in medals now. Always looking for something interesting. Amazing how many things and events have been captured in medals for people to admire for years to come. Thanks for the great medal and information on the medal.


Level 5

Western history in North America is relatively young. However, in Europe, it is much older. I have always enjoyed this fact when researching old European coins and medals.


Level 6

Now this is a great blog! Loved the history and the photos! I've always admired the "Rose" stained glass windows! Thanks Mike! ; )


Level 6

Great blog as always. There sure is a lot of info written on that medal. I can't believe that Charles Darwin is buried there. Wasn't he considered a heretic during his life? Well good for him. Again, thanks Mike I learned from you today.


Level 7

Yes but So was Galileo. But his writings were accepted by the church . Find a way into the Vatican Library you will find him!


Level 5

WOW, that’s pretty good information! When I took my spousal unit (wife) to Paris for our honeymoon, we had our portraits done at the Basilica before heading over to Notre-Dame de Paris. Those are interesting places for sure! Thanks for sharing buddy!

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