Civil War Token

10 Sep 2016

There are alot of scratches on the holder. Basically because I looked at it alot. There is more red than brown. If you could hold it you would see it. If I put too much light on it you would not see the color this good. Not one of my better shots. People used these to exchange for goods and services. During a terrible war. For a good reason!



Level 5

Was thinking about buying a civil war token. I would end up buying a bunch and joining the civil war token society club. I really like them. Might pick one up some day.


Level 4

I had a friend who hand had one raw. Thanks for the info on the coin.


Level 5

I really need to get myself a civil war token, they're really cool. I especially like that they say army and navy on the coin


Level 5

This one is my personal favorite! Good work Mike!


Level 4

that's a cool token. it looks a lot like the confederate cent.


Level 4

Very nice specimen indeed. Trumps my find by a longshot! Beautiful token!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

better the holder scratched than the coin. very nice specimen


Level 5

A time steeped in history of this country. A nice tribute.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

One of the most important areas of American numismatics, historically speaking. I love the Civil War tokens. Yours is beautiful, nice grade too!!


Level 6

Beautiful token Mike! I have a few Civil War Indian cents, but nothing as pretty as this. One of my pet peeves...scratches on the coin holder : ) I wish they were scratch resistant.


Level 7

The new ones are you have to pay five dollars at NGC! Thank you.


Level 6

Great coin. I love Civil War era coins. So much history it lived through. Thanks Mike

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