World Cup Coin 2014

13 Sep 2016

This is the reverse a beautiful coin. It was made in France and has a very big curve on it. Like our baseball coin. It is ten Euro's the mintage was ten thousand and sold out. It was made in 2014. And then shipped to Brazil! The green you see is a reflection there is no toning on this coin. It's a proof69 deep Cameo.



Level 4

I persona.ly would get a baseball commem but still nice and is it silver??


Level 5

Very nice coin. I have seen curved coins and other interesting coins but have avoided them so far. I like the one you have from Brazil.


Level 5

Very beautiful coin Mike! Good work acquiring it!

Peace Dollar

Level 3

great luster definatly a proof


Level 6

That is one beautiful coin, a sports commem too!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

beautiful coin and i love the reflection in the shape of Brazil


Level 5

Very interesting coin. You just do not see these everyday.


Level 6

Beautiful! And definitely a Proof! : )


Level 6

Outstanding coin. Thanks!!


Level 5

Beautiful coin Mike.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Very pretty coin.

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