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05 Nov 2014

BIE penny

| SDJ79

Looking through my newest batch of 3 rolls of wheat pennies I got off ebay, I found what appears to be my first ever BIE error penny. It is a 1957 no mint mark. In a nice condition too. Also found a 1956 BIE in the same batch, but it is not in very good condition. first two I've noticed. I'm gonna have to re look at my other wheats to see if there might be more. I know it's a very minor error, but still fun to find



Level 3

Amazing blog post right now.

Yes I would also like to know what a BIE cent is.


Level 2

I think that's really neat to find Bie error coins because it promotes a collectors attention to detail. I also believe it helps to know you have a rare for that year that can be kept or replaced by a more significant rare or favorite error in that same year of coin when another is obtained. For me if not for error coins I would get board. Thanks for sharing! Happy hunting🍀


Level 4

There are mint errors out there still waiting to be found.


Level 7

I remember now! They tried to get big money for them. I didn't bite. So I got lucky! Those were the dates I wasn't looking then!


Level 7

Hi! After looking through thousands of oennysi I now know what a nice penny is thanks for the info I will keep my eyes open!

Kid Morgans

Level 4

Those sound cool! What exactly is a BIE penny?


Level 5

great finds


Level 5

You never know what you will find during roll hunting! Enjoy the search!


Level 5

What is a BIE error??


Level 4

It all has to start somewhere.


Level 5

It is so fun looking through wheats! Once I searched a container with older wheats. The newest was a BU 1955, but the majority were 1941-1946; I did find 150 from the 1930's, including a BU 1938 and 2 AU 1937's; 100 from the twenties, including an XF 1929, 1925 PDS and 1926 PD; I found 50 from the 1910's, including a 1909 (no VDB), a VF 1911, and 2 1917 PDS sets! Enjoy all the wheat penny hunting!!!

Cool! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

That is cool! I get bags of wheat cents and have a great time going through them. So far I've found some DDO's and a few really nice 1909 V.D.B.'s ( no "s" ) :( I'm still lookin' though! It is alot of fun!


Level 4

This is so cool & interesting!


Level 5

One of the joys of the hobby. Hours of enjoyment looking for different things and the finacial outlay can be quite small. Just think, you can search rolls obtained from the back for no cost (if you do not find something, you can spend them for the exact amount you have invested.)


Level 5

"BIE" breaks are considered actual "errors" but only by definition. This die break happens in a spot that is well known to occur, especially on Cents from the mid-1950's. I suppose finding and keeping them isn't a problem, but I wouldn't pay anything extra for something so prevalent, imho. (Does anyone else remember seeing all the ads for these, like 20-30 years ago? I'm still trying to forget!) The same can be said of what people call the 1955 "Poorman's" Double Die Cent, which isn't even a double die at all, just die fatigue. There are some folks out there though who will pay a premium for these, but that's only because of some people marketing them over the years to collectors who don't know how this really happened (they're just coins struck with tired, mushy dies - why should anyone pay extra for this?!)

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