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28 Oct 2015

How I Became a Coin Collector

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How I Became a Coin Collector

Eric Niedzielski

Like many people in this generation I got started with the US Mint's 50 State Quarters Program. My grandfather bought 3 sets of these coins in a folder for my brother, sister, and me. I looked at the coins a little but never really cared for them. Not until a few years later did I get hooked on this amazingly fun hobby.

I was looking through a coupon magazine in the mail and saw an ad for the District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters and I asked my parents to get them to complete my collection of this program. I received the coins along with a magazine full of cool coins from the company and looked through it. As I was looking though, some coins caught my eye. They were the 2009 pennies that came with the P, D, gold plated, and colored version of each design. From here I started getting more and more coins.

My family also helped me grow in coin collecting. My dad gave me some coins that he got from his uncle who was a coin dealer. My grandfather was, and still is, the biggest help. One time at his house for Christmas, he gave me a jar of thousands of pennies(about half were wheaties) and a few silver dimes. I looked through the "hoard" a little, but when my family got back home I spent the next few days sorting the dates and mintmarks. I continued to get coins for all main holidays and having so much fun looking at and studying my new coins.

About a year and a half ago, I got my dad to take me to the National Money Show in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an amazing experience for a fairly new collector and reinvigorated my love for the hobby. Many coins were on the bourse and I bought and sold many coins. I even bought some Polish paper money for my dad who thought it looked really cool. Also, this summer my grandfather gave me some more coins(mainly silver) in a nice old jar. The contents included 11 silver dollars, silver halves and quarters, and older nickels and pennies. There were about two franklin halves and I already had three in my collection. This inspired me to start a franklin half collection.

As of now I am still an active numismatist and continue adding to my fast growing collection. I also plan to go a coin show this year and get more coins to add to my collection. I hope I have inspired you to continue collecting and have fun with the hobby. Keep collecting and have fun!



Level 5

The 50 state quarters program was one of the best ideas in years from the US Mint. Thanks for the story.


Level 6

Seems like a lot of Grandpa's start people on coins! Good Luck!


Level 3

Excellent! Other than the ANA shows, I suggest regional shows in your area. For example, I plan on attending the NYINC show (New York International Numismatic Convention) in January. If you're new to the ANA, welcome!


Level 5

I will try.


Level 5

thank you kellen. could u spread the word for me?


Level 5

Very awesome.

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