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28 Oct 2015

My 1st Online YN Auction

Young Numismatists Exchange | ShriekenGriffon

The annual YN Auction was September 19 this year. It was online this year so everyone who wanted to could participate. The auction was great because only kids could participate and only with YN bucks. It was quite long but overall was very exciting. I had a lot of fun in the chat but also got many great coins.

Out of this auction I won nine lots. These lots include a high grade 1979-D quarter, a 1953 Canada 50c, three Buffalo nickels, an 1858-O dime, a 1950-S dime, an 1849-A 6 Kreuzer coin from Austria, a proof 1980 nickel, and a 1919 Poland 1000 Marek note. The three buffalo nickels are 1936-S,1937, and 1937-S and are all in choice very fine(VF-30). They all have great details and help me with my buffalo collection. The 1980-S nickel is a lovely proof with deep cameo and clear fields. It grades at about a PF-63.

For my dimes and quarter, the pieces are wonderful. The 1858-O dime is a Liberty Seated and has a net grade of AU. This coin has been "wizzed" which means it was brushed to remove bagmarks and smooth the coins surface. Even with the alteration the coin is still beautiful with a low mintage of 290,000. My 1950-S dime is in MS-63 and has a lot of luster. It is one of the rarer Roosevelt dimes and now has a nice home in a folder. The quarter comes in a grading holder with a false grade of MS-70. It is 1979-D and has rainbow toning. All mixed up on one coins are flashes of yellow, red, blue, and pink.

Also won from the auction are three foreign pieces. The 1849-A 6 Kreuzer is a nice old coin with a wee bit of silver. The design is simple yet pretty. The second foreign coin I got is Canada half dollar. It has a lot of luster and contains 3/10 of an ounce of silver. The front shows a 27-year old Elizabeth II while the reverse shows a complicated Coat of Arms. Last but not least, I got a 1919 1000 Marek from Poland that is bigger than my dad's 7-inch tablet! On the front it shows Thaddeus Kosciuszko and back shows the Polish eagle.

In my package I also received a 2015 D penny and a planchet which was just icing on the cake! Overall I would like to give a big thanks to the ANA team that pulled off the event because the auction lasted four and a half hours. Keep on collecting and try out the auction next year. You could get some really nice coins!



Level 4

Sounds like a great time Griffon - Stay in the game


Level 7

It's to bad we haven't heard f r on you. Wish you were active.


Level 5

Congratulations on winning some really nice coins!


Level 6

Sounds like fun! I'm too old! Thanks!


Level 5



Level 5

I participated too! You got a good amount of stuff!

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