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27 May 2022

Last Post for Today...

| silverbug22

Since I seem to be on a bit of a bullion kick, thought I'd share my first gram of palladium that I've acquired! I know these 1-gram bars are really small, but they're also kind of awesome. Crazy to see any sort of detail on these despite being smaller than a finger nail. I also was able to scoop up a couple grams of platinum as well as a gram card of gold! These are a bit on the expensive side given the current spot prices of gold, platinum and palladium, so being able to buy these tiny fractional bars makes stacking much more affordable. I typically don't share how much I pay for my acquisitions, but I think here it makes sense: $45/gram for the platinum bars, $60 for the gold card, and $85 for the palladium bar. Not too bad, and keep in mind those prices were given to me by a long time friend/dealer when spot prices were even lower than where they are now...


It's Mokie

Level 6

Those tiny bullion pieces seem to be very very popular nowadays. I wonder if there is much fraud in the market. I would think that selling such small bullion pieces would be very lucrative for a counterfeiter. I guess the moral is, buy from a known and established seller only.


Level 6

I always wanted to get a palladium coin. Nothing yet. Thanks. Well done.


Level 7

Thanks for the blog. Many companies are putting these out giving us a chance to own some precious metals.! Good work

Long Beard

Level 5

Those prices you quoted are not all that bad if you compare them to the historical charts, like those available on Kitco. So you did good. Yet I feel that we share the same view, they are more appealing for the design than the monetary value.

AC coin$

Level 6

Beautiful . Woooow !


Level 6

Fun blog! I don't think the prices we're to out of line... It's the novelty of these items that make them way cool! ; )

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