Dansco Gold Type Page

14 Apr 2021

I am currently a college student and thus not able to really afford the cream of the crop to fill this page, but nonetheless I am underway! I know the two coins I have in there are holed and cleaned, but they are still beautiful pieces of Americana as well as the first pre-33 gold I've ever owned, so I am still very happy with how it's coming along. I plan on filling a majority of these holes with holed/details-graded coins, so if you have any you'd like to part with or know of anyone selling any, please let me know! Or if you or anyone you know is selling any of the ones I need that aren't holed/details but are a price too good to pass up, also let me know!


AC coin$

Level 6

Wooow ! Nice coins . Thanks for sharing .


Level 4



Level 7

Keep going the best feeling is putting the last one in. The set I put together took five years ago to find the last one. You should do better Mine were tokens fro 1797


Level 4

Nice job just got a couple coins to get.


Level 5

I am of the opinion that holed/detailed coins are absolutely PERFECT for albums. Save those fancy coins for type sets. They are affordable, decent surfaces, and still made of gold! Good work!

walking liberty

Level 4

i love holed coins because they are usually nice coins that you can get for a cheap price


Level 3

I totally agree, I got these for a fraction of what they would have cost without holes which means I have more money to keep working on the set!


Level 6

They are beautiful...with or without hole ; ) Thanks for sharing these!


Level 3

I agree, thank you!

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