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22 Dec 2021

Cleaning Coins Part 2

| Stan McDonald - author

Improper Storage

Part 2

Improper storage of coins can result in environmental damage. The coin in the photo is corroded. Corrosion occurs when a coin is stored in a moist environment, and the coin's surface oxidizes. Pitting may be prevalent. Coins may be covered with a green or black film. PCCS often labels these coins as "Environmental Damage."

Most of my coins are in Dansco or Whitman albums with plastic windows. In addition, each album is in a plastic sealed bag with desiccant. I save the desiccant packages from products I have purchased. My silver collections, dimes, quarters, halves, etc appear in perfect condition after 30+ years.

All of my valuable coins, greater than $200 each are in PCGS, or NGC holders.


I don't get my coins slabbed because it is super expensive.

It costs $70 to encase a coin with NGC. I can't understand why people continue to send thousands of proof coins and pay $70 for a return of less than $10 when the coin comes back as PR69 or less. My personal gauge is $200 - If the coin is worth more than $200 I will send it.

I. R. Bama

Level 5



Level 5

Always worry about coins condition. Just try to keep them safe.

Long Beard

Level 5

Some sound advice for sure. While I have several "cheap sets" (Lincoln cent, Jefferson Nickel, Eisenhower dollar, ect) in coin albums, the vast majority are either in Air-tite ring holders or adhesive type 2x2's. All of which are in a climate controlled room, with desiccants as you've mentioned for moisture control.



Level 5

what are the authorized storage options? temp, humidity, light????


Level 6

Good information! Thanks! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Many errors equal Money . Wooooow ! ..$$$$$$


Level 6

Hmmmm. Thanks.


Level 6

Some good advixe


Level 4

True. If a coin is stored in a too hot or too cold area, it will get damaged. You could also use hard plastic coin cases or coin tubes to protect your coins

True, I store BU coins by year in white square tubes and I tape the top. The coins rarely tone. I have rolls since 1970 of Lincoln cents that still look good, but some of the coins have natural tones.

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