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11 Dec 2021

Filled Letters and Numbers

Coins | Stan McDonald - author

A die break is the root cause of filled letters and numbers.

In the photo is a 1995 Lincoln cent with a filled none. It is the result is a portion of the die breaking away, expanding the intended nine.

There are collectors who will pay a premium for BU samples of coins with filled letters and numbers. The grading services disregard this type of error and do not note it on the grading holders.

Stan McDonald - Author and Numismatist

Thanks for the great comments.



Level 6

Thanks again! ; )


Level 5

Everything is collectible. So many varietys of errors or production issues with minted coins. Going to look more for these.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I find a lot of these

At coin shows, I put these in a bowl and sell them for $2 each. They always sell out.


Level 6

I feel ANACS attributes the most. My experience.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great puchun Discovery . Fascinated . Thanks for sharing


Level 4

Cool. Thanks

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