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14 Nov 2021

Misaligned Dies

Coins | Stan McDonald - author

Missed Aligned Die

By: Stan McDonald Author and Numismatist

A misaligned die will crush into the side of a collar and deform the die, so subsequent stampings create a thick rim on one side of the coin. The reverse and obverse of the coin will have a lip on the edge of the coin with lettering minted into the raised edge.

These errors are not common in circulation even though the value add is insignificant unless the coin is in mint state condition.


AC coin$

Level 6

Great dice / machine ero interesting .

I always wanted one of those!


Level 6

Thanks for the information! Great photo! ; )


Level 6

Thanks. Another good blog.


Level 5

Ive seen a few of these. Should of saved the better ones. Nice information.


Level 5

Very well said Stan ! I would imagine there are many of these instances, but they get weeded out over the course of the inspection before release. Thanks for the post and pictures!

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