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19 Dec 2021

Planchet Errors Part II

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Planchet errors include split planchets. Planchets can be defective and partial before entering the minting chamber producing distorted coins less than the standard weight. Planchets can also split during the minting process, producing an underweight coin. In some cases, the pieces can detach after the strike, and both pieces are in a mint bag or box. PCGS grades coins with split planchets as before or after the minting process.The first photo is a Jefferson nickel with a split planchet before the strike. Note there are details on both sides of the coin. The second photo is a Nickel with a split planchet after the strike that broke apart in the minting chamber. Note that there are no details on the coin since this part fell away. There are cases where both pieces have been recovered and encased by the grading services. The last two photos are ordinary (worthless) cracked planchets produced during the minting process.
By: Stan McDonald - Author of the number one error coin guide and numismatist



Level 5

At first I thought the Jefferson Nickel was a struck through cloth!

It does look like a strikethrough, but it is the weight and height of the coin that is the sure sign of a broken planchet.


Level 5

Weird looking coin. Nice coin though!


Level 5

Awesome errors. Would like to find a couple of those. Error coins are an endless area to collect.


Level 6

Beautiful, nasty looking coins. Thanks.


Level 6

These are crazy looking! Thanks for sharing! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Great catch interecting .Thanks for sharing

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