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29 Dec 2021

Top ten ways to destroy coins - Part 6

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Coinflips (non-PVC) is a standard method of storing coins. Flips are suitable for temporary storage for coins not in uncirculated condition.

Uncirculated coins will suffer noticeable environmental if kept in a paper flip for an extended period. One condition that develops for BU silver coins is toning in greyish coloring. Although the coins are still BU, and the toning does not affect the value, some collectors do not appreciate the dark grey on the surface. Lincoln cents may tone from a lustrous red to a coin that is reddish, but not with the original brilliance.



Level 6

Thanks! I always try to remove my coins from the plastic flips. ; )


Level 5

Interesting. Be careful storing coins.

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for sharing .


Level 6


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