Coinfox441's Blog

16 Feb 2016


| Coinfox441

Just went to the coin shop again-and got a morgan dollar! It is an 1890 MS-61. I hope to get photos on here soon. I also got a 24kt gold-plated JFK half. :)



Level 6

Sounds like a great purchase! Enjoy it!


Level 5

Still no photos ... it sure would be nice to them.

Nice purchase! I hope you do get pictures. I'd love to see the gold plated Kennedy. I always find gold plated coins beautiful, too bad they're not worth their weight in gold.:)


Level 5

Sounds like some nice coins!


Level 6

Nice purchase. I love a trip to the coin store. Congratulations!


Level 7

Do you like collecting Morgan's? It's a great coin. It's just to bad they priced us out of the market! I can't get over some of the price's. Keep up the good work. Remember buy what you like!

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