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04 Jan 2021

this Christmas

| the coin guy

this Christmas I got a 1796 Mexican mint silver 8 reales. I like the designs of the colonial coins so I am going to start making a pre 1800s colonial coin collection. It will contain my silver 8 reales, a 1692 shilling and a 1788 half escudo I bought with the money I got from reletives on Christmas and it will also contain all of the Mexican coins I am looking forward to getting. I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and a happy new year. I hope to read the blogs people write about what they either got or bought themselves for Christmas.


Long Beard

Level 5

Great topic. The Libertad is on my list of series to begin at some point this year, beautiful design.

Mexico City Mint is a mint that has stood the test of time. the 8 reales have a great design on them!


Level 5

Those are always nice to acquire. It would be nice to know all of the places it has traveled. It could have seen circulation in the US or countless other places around the world.


Level 5

Pre 1800's set sounds like a great idea. Coins that old are amazing, and if you can pick them up at a good price that would be great. I bought the wife a coin for Christmas present, but did not receive anything as a gift myself. I was gifting myself a little during the year though. thanks


Level 6

Those sound great. I also collect older Mexican and all Latin American coins. Mostly the silver ones. Good luck and thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That sounds like it is going to be an exhibit worthy collection some day. Thanks for sharing your ambition!!!


Level 5

Nice finds, my friend! Cheers, NM


Level 7

Those coins were used by us during the American Revolution. We also used part of it in our design. Nice pixkup. Enjoy it. It was made by the oldest mint in the western hemisphere . Thanks my friend


Level 5

Nice, I have a rather small Mexican coin collection, although many are 1908-1920 range. They are beautiful coins and most will not break the bank, can't speak for pre 1900 varieties. Good luck with the collection.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thats really great! I have a fair sized mexican collection along with one of the 8 Reales. Its one of my favorite coins, along with the Un SOL from Peru. I have a 5000 peso Mexican coin, a 1000 one a 500 one and a 100 one as well. A 5000 peso coin! Seems like it would be worth a fortune but it is actually about $250 and some change in USD


Level 5


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