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28 Nov 2020

An Update

| TheNumisMaster

Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform you that due to the massive amounts of feedback on my 2003 quarter with the missing clad layer, I have decided to submit my coin to the NGC for attribution and grading! Thanks for helping me decide, and I anxiously await getting the results. My fingers are permanently crossed for that MS 66! It cost me a pretty penny (for a 16 y.o. lol) but I am sure that I will get quite the return on my investment! Wish me luck, and I will update you with results. Cheers, NM


It is good that you take risks because if you did not grade it then it might not be a discovery coin in very high grade. good luck.


Level 4

Good luck! I am really excited to see if you get a good grade!

Long Beard

Level 5

Well worth the chance.

Hope you get something great back!


Level 5

We are all going to be excited to hear the results!!!!!


Level 6

Good luck. I am interested to see the slabbed results. Thanks. P.S.. NGC fees are a lot of money for this 66 year old.


Level 5

Very exciting. Look forward to seeing your coin graded.

Mike B

Level 7

You know I wish you all the luck. It must of been a good price you paid for that. I know you will get a good grade think positive!! Congratulations on a nice pick up!!


Level 5

I hope you get that or better. Please keep us informed. Later!


Level 5

Looking forward when you get the coin back.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm cheering for ya!


Level 4

Good luck! I can't wait to see the results

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