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20 Sep 2021

Hello my Friends!

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I see a lot of new faces in the community now! NICE! I logged off for the last time (or so I thought) about 4 months ago.... but man, I couldn't quite stay away for good ;) I have been very busy starting up my final year of high school... and MAN I won't be a kid anymore in 4 more short months... CRAZY! I was able to add a few new coins to my type set since we last spoke, including an au58 1952 3-cent silver. Wonderful little coin! (No pictures at the current time). Many of you know what I planned to open a coin store for my career, but since we have seen each other I have made the new plan to join the US Coast Gaurd for my career (I estimate around 20 years there) while managing a business called Numismastery as a side hustle. Already I am designing a business outline for Numismastery, which I am super excited about. I am planning it to be a store/information source for YNs and nee collectors. Im cooking up some cool ideas, and am very exicted!Anyhow, I just wanted to poke my head back into the community for a fun minute and say hey to all my old friends and numismatic family.Your friend and fellow numismatist, Preston. And for you old-timers on the site, Cheers!

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