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02 Mar 2021


| TheNumisMaster

Well, a new issue of the Errorscope was just published by CONECA and is available online. This was a great issue, and there were even a few articles about new varieties that have been discovered! Both me and CoinHunter both had articles in this publication, and they are conveniently right next to each other. Go check that out! It was a great issue, and I learned a lot. YNs, you get a free year of a CONECA membership, and they will send you a free coin once you are in! Follow these steps:To redeem your free membership, emailyn@conecaonline.org.Be sure to include your name, email address, ANA membership number, and mention the code CONECAYN#16 in the email body or subject line. And be sure to let them know that I (Preston Thomas) recommended that you join. It really is a wonderful club! Make sure to look at everything your ANA membership includes, and take advantage of every bit! YNs, this also means a free year of an NGC membership! Anyway, my ankle is killing me (as I had an awful injury yesterday) so I will leave it at that! (Yes, these have nothing to do with each other, but this is my weak excuse to not be crucified for a short blog). Have a great day (; -NM



Level 4

Great information. I will check it out.


Level 5

Congratulations, I hope it is the first of many years of contributing to this hobby. Nuff Said!


Level 7

Congraulations. Well done


Level 5

Several months ago I got my free subscription. It was the first time I got my name ever placed in a magazine. I have two copies, by accident, and I may have one framed.


Level 5

Hope your ankle gets better soon! And thanks for telling people how to sign up for CONECA!

Congrats at getting published! As a fellow YN I will definitely say that their YN program is awesome-for all you fellow YNs out there- many issues will have the YN director post a short activity to do and if you send them the right answers you will get a really nice package of coins in the mail in a week or two.


Level 5

yup! I barely found time. As a junior, i am in the same boat. Hey, could you drop me a follow so I can send you a message?

Yeah- I usually see that she sends out 2-3 packages. Last time was the first time in a while that I just didn't have time to respond to the activity (freshman year of high school can be chaotic).


Level 5

Yup! I was the "one kid" she mentioned! lol


Level 6

That's great! Congratulations on getting published! ; )


Level 6

Wow, did not get my current issue yet, can't wait to your articles.


Level 5

Congratulations on your articles. I may join Coneca. I talked to a representative of Coneca at the PAN show. I may join to see whats going on.


Level 6

Good job. There are some other great articles by other authors in there as well. heheh! The online issue is in color too.


Level 5

I agree with Bama...Congrats! I just finished reading the 4th edition of the Loupe and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for posting!


Level 5

As much as I would love to take credit, CentCearcher is the one in charge of production of the Loupe. Im so glad you enjoyed it! (:

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Congratulations to you both!

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