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29 Sep 2020

I Neglected to Mention...

| TheNumisMaster

Hi again! One thing I neglected to mention on my previous blog in which I focused about the 1652 Pine-tree Shilling, was how they were often punched with a hole at the top. This was mainly due to the fact that they were often worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits during the massive witch-hunts that predated 1720. I hate to publish another blog just for this tidbit of info, but I figure yall would rather know this interesting fact than not. Especially if your like @Stumpy and I and are history buffs ;)Anywho, thanks as always, and tell me some interesting coin facts in the comments. Stay healthy and safe!



Level 7

Now that's something i did not know. That's what I love about this hobby. You can learn something everyday.!! Thanks for that!!

Stella Fanatic

Level 2



Level 6

Very interesting fact! Glad you blogged it ; )


Level 5

Very interesting! Owning one with a hole would be nice. Thinking it was worn to ward off witches. I have thought about a collection of holed coins. Would definately need a ward off the witches coin.


Level 5

Haha, true! Never know when it might come in handy XD. I cant wait to try and find one. Ive seen people see it really cheap because its "damaged".

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Interesting fact which I did not know. It was worth the extra blog!

Anything to help them ward off the "witches" Now I think I would rather have one with a hole, more history to it.


Level 5

Witches and evil spirits, I've met a few. lol. Thanks for the additional fact. Didn't know that either. Later!

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