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07 Apr 2019

Yemen Riyal AH1382 /1963

| TimB

This is a large world silver crown from Yemen. It is 40 mm and 72 percent silver. There were 4.6 million minted, but not widely seen in this grade.



Level 4

Very interesting!!!! I do not see many coins like this. Do you collect coins from this part of the world? What is the denomination of this coin? What would someone typically purchase with this coin?


Level 6

Beautiful coin. Very nice pictures. What everybody says,a little info.


Level 6

Really pretty coin! More information would be nice. Is this in your collection? Thanks!

It's Mokie

Level 6

This coin reminds me of an excellent movie "Salmon Fishing on the Yemen". Don't let the title put you off, it is worth a view, I think available for free if you have Amazon Prime. Nice Coin but with very few elements beyond the ornate writing and a sprig of ? Dates?


Level 7

On the label 1963


Level 7

I agree with all. One it is a very beautiful coin no doubt. A little more information. Like how much is the denomination? Some hostory. Thanks for sharing this. We don't get to see many coins like this. I enjoyed it. Pat.

What a beaut!! It is a coin I should try to add to my Travel Collection. Seeing it brings back (not so) fond memories of standing in the old Fort of the British Protectorate of Aden one Autumn afternoon, listening to rifle fire between the British and the Yemeni Rebels a few hundred yards away in the town. That coin was only three years old when I visited. What a story that coin could tell. BTW, the Yemenis finally won about a year latter, and Aden is now just a poor port town.


Level 4

Nice coin. Also, I concur with Big Nub, some historical context and a somemore numismatic details, mintage totals etc....please... Blessings.

I like the coin, but I would like more information, thank you.

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