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11 Jun 2018

Coin Thoughts # 50 by "SUN"

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I am not a person that buys a "Red Book" every year. I think it is probably the best reference book for the money. The last two "Red Books" I have purchased, I found errors in them the first time I looked at them. I bought the 1st edition of the Mega Red Book and found out it left out the 1866 Two Cent Piece.  This year, I found that the Boys Town Commemorative Half Dollar has misinformation. The book lists the "D" as proof only., and the "S" as UNC.  It is the other way around. The "D" is UNC and the "S" in proof.  Whitman Publishing thanked me for bring the error to their attention, and will correct it for the 2020 edition.

Years ago I could not wait to purchase a new book as soon as it came out.  But since values do not change that much. I do not buy a book every year. 

What do other collectors feel about buying a new book every year?



Level 6

I agree with buying the Red Book every couple of years or so. And it definitely has to be the Large Print... haha That's wild with finding errors, I guess even the "main" book can get things wrong.


Level 6

I'm like you. Every few years. There are lots of places to get info and prices now.. I have an 2018 and will go for the 2020 probably. Large text. I don't like the Mega personally. It's too ungainly and the pages of mine, the first one, are coming out. Can't beat the spiral bound one..


Level 4

The "Red book" is a good buy for the money it costs. Speaking of coin books some people buy them in order to have access to the mint standards, weight, diameter, metal content. If the mint standards are more important to you than the value of the coins then it would be acceptable to buy a book once every two to three years. The "Red Books" are collectible in and of themselves which some collectors like to buy each year.


Level 5

I only buy a red book every 4 or 5 years for the reason you stated. Besides, most of my purchases are world coins.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I found the error in my book too. Never noticed it before!


Level 6

I buy a new Red Book every year. I had a near-complete run at one time. Good eye! Good you spotted the errors.


Level 7

I do but I have so other many books I have no place to put them all its nice to read a real blog for that I thank you. I think it's the best book also. I always recommend it to everyone. Life would be easier if everyone had one. But some just know everything. Thanks again great point. Mike.

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