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18 Mar 2020

Coin Thoughts #91 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"



Edward J. Fraughton, a sculptor from Utah was chosen to design the Ronald Reagan medal.. Reagan agreed to submit to an ordeal of allowing Fraughton to make a life mask. No previous President had ever posed fr a life mask for his inaugural medal. At his home in California, Reagan sat immobile for almost twenty minutes while Fraughton covered his entire face with a thick tar-like silicone mixture. The sculptor placed straws in Reagan's ears and nostrils so he could hear and breath. Afterword Reagan said, "There's is one take on this, and that's it." The reverse of the medal depicts the West Front o the Capital. The 1981 inauguration was the first inauguration to take place on the West Front. the Medallic Art Company struck 16,850 70mm bronze medals.


This marks the third time that sculptor Mico Kaufman had designed an inaugural medal in whole or in part. Previously he worked on both Ford Medals. This medal fallows the tradition set in 1937 of having the Vice=President on the second inaugural medal. While the general concept is an old one, the artistic approach is new. Kaufman shows Reagan in a "two-thirds' view in the foreground and George Bush in the background in full facing profile. Reagan suggested the theme of the reverse design, an eagle modeled by Kaufman from a Roman eagle sculpture in the Presidents's private dining room in the White House. A fire at Medallic Art Company destroyed the records on the mintage of the medal.


History of the Official Inaugural Medal by H. Joseph Levine.



Level 5

Great artistic design with details easily seen on such a nice large size medal.


Level 5

That first Reagan medal is stunning! Well worth the sitting for a life mask!

great medals, great president! Thanks for the informative blog

Great high relief obverse.


Level 4

I have that medal

It's Mokie

Level 6

MACO and their artists do some magnificent work. I have one of there medals coming my way very soon. Thanks for sharing your great Inaugurals.


Level 7

I love The coin inside the medal. Now i have two made by the mint two commens of him and his wife made of silver. That doesn't matter when you need a work of art like this. . I love The way the clouds burst above in the sky. Over the Capital. And yes he was one of my favorites. They don't come better. I liked the movie when he was shot. Nancy took right over and the screams at the secret service. Even though one was hit an lived. Thanks for art on bronze.


Level 6

Of all my inaugural medals, the first Reagan is my favorite.


Level 5

Beautiful medals and an excellent blog. Reagan will always be one of my favorite presidents.


Level 6

Wow Sun, you have quite a collection. These are beautiful. I especially like the reverse with the reflection on it. Very nice. Great history lesson. On a personal note, I have started re-watching "Death Valley Days" President Reagan is featured in many, many of those old 1965'ish episodes. Thanks for another great blog.


Level 5

Very interesting. Will be looking for these medals at coin shows. Wonder who has all the medals now? Thanks for the post.

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