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05 Sep 2020

Coin Thoughts #97 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"


One of my collecting interest is collecting Ulysses S. Grant Medals.

I ran across this medal issued by Federal Brand Enterprises of Cleveland. Ohio. If the medal did not come with the packaging envelope, I would not have known any more about the medal. The description said the medal was silver and nothing else. When I received the medal, I was surprised that it had a proof like finish. It was 25mm, a little larger than a quarter. On the obverse are the profiles of the President and first lady and the legend, "President - First Lady Ulysses S. Grand , Julia Grant." The reverse has the dates 1865-77 above a cannon. and the legend " Appomattox End of the War Between the States 1865."

I went to Newman Numismatic Portal on the internet and typed in "Federal Brand Enterprise." The website listed several excerpts from "Coin World." Due to copyright laws it did not provide the whole articles. The July 7, 1965 issue of "Coin World" mentioned these medals were for sale. $1.00 for the bronze medal and $2.50 for the "coin silver" medal. The silver medal must have been made from silver coins melted in the 1960's. This medal is one of 36 medals issued by Federal Brand Enterprise.

Reference: NNP.WUSTL.EDU


I. R. Bama

Level 5

The husband a d wife together is unique, I think. Nice addition to your collection!


Level 5

Nice, I agree, the packaging is as nice as the Medal, well not really, but I also rarely purchase anything without the packaging. I will and do make exceptions, but you are dead on, sometimes the packaging makes the story. Nice medal!


Level 5

Great medal and silver. Nice find for sure. Wish I could find one of those. Might start looking. Thanks for showing us.


Level 5

I like it. The packaging makes it so much more desirable for me. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, what a medal. It sort of mimics the classic commemoratives with US grant on it. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Very cool! I really like the old fashioned packaging. Looks like its toning nicely too! Thanks for a great blog ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Interesting, kind of a copy of Heraldic Art Medals in style and also based in the same city (Cleveland) as Heraldic Art. Thanks for the interesting blog.


Level 7

Very enjoyable. I have some coins no medals. I will have to look into it. Can't beat the price. I like the wife on it. Thanks for the blog!!


Level 6

Very nice. I like the combining of the husband and wife on one coin. I also enjoy the toning on it. I need to check out this place. Thanks great blog and photos.

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