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24 Feb 2021

Type Set Addition 1852 Large Cent

| Mr. B Coins

I could not help myself. But, I felt safe.My wife and I got out of Chicago. I worked remotely from our place in Michigan. We had our second vaccination shot a week earlier.On the first 40 degree day, we decided to go for a drive.As luck would have it we drove into Holland Michigan. We ended up at the Holland Coin Shop. I had my mask on and there was no one else in the shop.I asked about a few items and then saw this 1852 Large Cent. I thought it would fit in my Type Set. The price was right so I pulled the trigger.I'm taking baby steps and making progress.Hope everyone is doing well.Mr. B

19 Feb 2021

Type Set Additions

Coins-United States | Mr. B Coins

I recently added to my Type Set Collection.The first coin is a 1957 Proof Franklin Half.There were 1,247,952 proofs minted in 1957. The designer was John R. Sinnock. The Franklin Half was produced from 1948 to 1963.The second coin is a 1945 S Walking Liberty Half. The mint mark is on the lower left rev. There were 10,156,000 1945 S produced. The designer was Adolph A. Weinman. The Walking Liberty Half was produced from 1916 to 1947.Both coins are .900 silver.As I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm not sure if I'm using Type Set properly. I buy the best coin I can afford.I apologize if the images are sideways.Stay safe and warm,

06 Feb 2021

Type Set-1980 S Proof Quarter

Coins-United States | Mr. B Coins

I mainly collect cents and half cents.I also recently started collecting a type set.The coin I have that I want to feature today is a 1980 S Proof Quarter. I'm trying to add the image with little luck.There were 3,554,806 minted.John Flanagan designed the coin. His initials are on Washingtons neck.The S mint mark is located on the obverse near Washington's pony tail.The reverse has the eagle.While I don't plan on including proof coins to this set, if the price is right I'll jump.Now, back to trying to get the picture.All the best,Mr. B

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