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23 Apr 2020

Chronicles of a Numismatist: Pandemic FUN?

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Greetings to my fellow Numismatists. As I am social distancing via the electronic papyrus format I was thinking, and YES - that - is - dangerous,during this pandemic and economic downturn can I have FUN? My answer is Yes. I am having FUN cherry picking online coin auctions and coin dealers. My thesis was during this time coin auctions won’t be looked upon favorably due to re-structuring of household expenditures and with the family being together seemingly all the time, it can’t be said “I need me time” when the new dynamic is to focus on building the family strength and bond. I believe new numismatists are being born by learning Daddy’s collection and helping him organize, or Momma’s and helping her organizing the collection; not purchasing coins. I am not seeing a deep slash in pricing as I did in 2013-14 when spot silver and gold was free falling and online coin dealers were discounting coins to levels 80-90% off in some cases.Instead, opportunities are abounding in researching coins and finding sleepers. These may not be a multi-thousand dollar win or highlight in a Regency Auction but this will be something that you can win, re-encapsulate if need be, possibly send for CAC, and see where it plays 5 years or so down the road.I found in an auction recently a 1964-D Kennedy graded I believe MS64, but a Double Die, graded by NGC and it sold for 1/3 or so the price retail. I didn’t win, but not upset seeing how I can’t win them all AND a 3 second to auction end -up tick - above my high bid had me tipping my hat to the new owner. But PCGS only has 4 in population and 8 in 65 with none populated higher. So my thought was to send in for cross over and at least guarantee grade the 64. What a deal! Again, the retail price around $100 may not have you popping corks of champagne and wearing goggles, BUT it is a scarce coin and something like that can easily become a Blue Chip in a collection several years from now. What if “you” are the lucky one where it gets graded 64+ and what if it gets CAC? At that point it is a great investment for not a huge outlay. How am I increasing this FUN even more? I found another opportunity “somewhere” and I asked my fiancé, “I am good at what I do in coins. I found a possibility here that I believe can be a GREAT win. Would you like to participate?”. She asked for more clarification, I explained, and told her the following proposition: If it works we split the price, I - Me - will pay all costs of cross over grading and shipping charges, and will not count those costs into the profit. Simply, she literally will get half the profit with only the difference of the initial price split 2 ways. She is not into numismatics. She has helped me tremendously and has been a huge Blessing as explained in a previous Blog I wrote, but she is not thrilled by it. This idea was several days ago, however this morning she was looking online and found a local virtual auction where they were selling coins... AND... she was asking my opinion on those coins... AND told me “Don’t you dare buy those coins, those are mine!” Haaaa! Ohh man, I Loved It. I may have created a monster. The neat part was I found silver certificates that were off center actually (these were further down the auction lot listings) and I just had to tip my hat to her. I may have inadvertently created a Numismatic Monster; from what started as a way for my Baby to make some possible extra money on the side that doesn’t call for any energy expense at all from her. And I never thought it would be “This Amazing” bringing her on board like this. This type of action is what I am seeing currently and something of excitement for me. I hope the Coin Gods look favorably upon me during this time while I create some interesting sub collections. Time will tell and I believe they will, if history repeats itself.



Level 6

Nice! She's hooked now. Poor girl. I also am looking for sleepers hiding out. Now is a good time for the high end guys and then hold for a few years. My VAMs are tanking in most auction, except for the ultra rare. Means nothing to me as I buy for me and not investment., yet. Well mostly.. Thanks. P.S. Get her a free gold ANA membership now. One for her own.

It's Mokie

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It's always a great thing when you're able to convert a formerly uninterested person into a full fledged Numismatist, let us know if your Fiance goes all-in. We need new collectors of every age to keep this hobby strong.


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The hardest thing to do is upgrade yiur set. You all know.thenset i have. Condor tokens 223 years old.red brown proof like on some. Ms 63 to 66. Five years it took. If insee another one wich is very rare i study it . When i grade it 99% of thebtime i get ahiger grade. There are 19 tokens in the documented set. But its not easy. Im looking atva picture. But grading has.sedimentary for me with these tokens! Take the newnone sell the old to off set the cost. Thanks

Long Beard

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I'm with you there. I've found myself buying more of what I already have because I see the same sleeper potential. Not huge by any means, but a substantial long term none the less. The Peace Dollar series is one example. Not all that long ago the two major key dates were beyond the budget of average collectors in grades above AU. It's currently possible to buy mid-ms range near what an AU sold for back then. Personally, I strongly believe this series will see a resurgence in the near future beyond where it was the time before hand.


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Best blog post this year ! Wish I could find great deals! Need to look better. I just bought a so called half dollar for 250, then saw the exact medal and grade and holder for 139. So i bought both!!!! Think I still got a good deal anyway for both. Might have bought the less expensive one first and quit there though. Thanks for the post. Keep us informed on how your fiance is doing. Sign her up for a free ANA membership ! Let us know when the wedding is also. Take care

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