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10 Sep 2019

9000 Cents Weigh Quite A Bit

| Mokester

I am getting really excited as October nears and the PAN Fall Coin Show beckons. We had a planning meeting last night and I presented some things I am planning on doing for the KidZone, to include our usual auction with our newly minted auction dollars. Last May, we could not find our auction dollars so had to use carnival tickets instead. We also could not find our Wheat Cents and had to scramble to find sources on the bourse. . So we now have a whole new batch of auction dollars that I have been printing over the past few weeks and the aforementioned 9000 Cents donated by a PAN member with a PAN dealer committing to another 1000 Cents (Plus the Remainder from Last May). Suffice it to say, we are going to have plenty of Cents on our table for the YNs Cent Albums. PAN also purchased 120 one-a-year Lincoln Folders, 1909-2009 at Cost from a national dealer. They are really nice folders and they will make the Penny Table so much more fun since we can also add Memorial Cents for the first time. We've got coloring books coming from the Mint, we have Ben Franklin appearing at the KidZone and judging the "Color Ben" coloring contest. We have loads of donated items, Copper Rounds and T-Shirts for each registrant, and 50 great auction lots to spend their auction dollars on. All For Free!!!!

I actually went through the donated cents this morning, they were all rolled up so it took me awhile to go through, I checked maybe 2 or 3 dates per roll and found a very good mix with Cents as early as 1910, since I did not find a 1909 (although there is a good chance one was among the mostly unchecked cents), I threw a VF 1909 Lincoln into the bucket so I can honestly tell the Kids, somewhere on the table, is a VF 1909 Cent, and maybe more . The KidZone will be operating all day, Saturday, October 19th, if you make it to the Fall PAN show, stop by and say Hi, I will be there manning the KidZone Registration all day. For more details, go to the following link. It should be updated shortly with information about this October's KidZone auction Lots, etc.


PS-That Handsome Gentlemen in the Picture with Ben is NOT me.



Level 4

Wow, I’ve got to get out there and see how you do it someday! Sounds like it’s going to be a great event for the kids especially!


Level 6

Great show in the making. That is a lot of cents and albums. Very generous people. You are a huge asset to PAN and kid collectors in general. I'm proud to be an out of state member.. Thanks.

Hurrah to you for supporting such a clearly great event! Have fun!


Level 5

This sounds like a lot of fun, almost makes me wish I was a kid again! Since that's not going to happen I'd love to be there to watch the kids having fun! Come to think of it that might be more fun!


Level 5

Gary, the earnestness of those Kids brings you all the way back to your first day as a collector, I feel blessed that PAN has given me a chance to host the best volunteer gig at the whole show. (:


Level 5

I would be excited, also. If I lived in your area.


Level 4

That's great! Man, I would love to see the faces of those kids when they see 9000 wheat cents!

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