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31 Oct 2020

A Very Successful PAN Show (but w/o me)

| Mokie

My report about this fall’s PAN show will be short and painful. As many of you know, I have been managing the PAN KidZone at the show for the last two years. Of course, our Spring show was cancelled due to COVID, and our ongoing Fall show had been scaled down quite a bit but I thought, OK, it will still be fun and the Kids will still enjoy themselves.

20 Oct 2020

Keeping Fingers Xed

Coin Shows | Mokie

The largest coin show regularly held in Pennsylvania; the PAN show is on for the last 3 days of October. I will be there but the happiness I feel is tempered by the constant threat of Covid 19 and the fact that cases throughout Pennsylvania are increasing again. If it were just me, I would take my precautions and feel quite confident, but I have a wife, child, and 89-year-old mother that I also have to consider.

06 Oct 2020

Collecting is for the Curious

| Mokie

Well sometimes the back story of a purchase is more interesting than the purchase. Last night I picked up a 2 silver medals commemorating the 50th and 100th anniversary of my coin club. The 50th anniversary medal was produced by the Medallic Art Company and was manufactured on or around 1928 (yes my club began in 1878). All of that is interesting but pales in comparison to a notation hand-written on the outside of the plain MACO box holding the medal. "WPNS 1928 Bronze & Silver, R. Byrne". Interestingly, this silver medal 50th anniversary medal and the 100th anniversary were both inscribed to the mysterious R. Byrne.

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