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26 Dec 2019

A Rambling Man

| Mokester

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas or Hannukah season. It was fun in the Mokie household but I am glad the season is over and we can focus on 2020. But since this blog will be a Ramble, first let me look back on 2019 and list 5 highlights:1. I was able to volunteer at 4 coin shows this past year, the first two in February, then May, then ending in October. 2. I finished my Newfoundland Type Set (in Whitman Folder), luckily the folder does not hold a space for that Newfoundland $2 gold piece. 3. I found out earlier this month that an article I wrote for ErrorScope, the CONECA club magazine, will be published in their January/February issue. 4. I finally found a Peace Dollar VAM on my own, in the wild, and now have it slabbed with its attribution. 5. I created a beautiful man corner in my home to hold all (well most) of my numismatic-subject books and display many of my coins. The last coin I will receive this year is pictured below, it is a 2013 Canadian $3 depicting the allegorical image of Miss Canada. Now not being Canadian, I had never known there was a specific Canadian Allegorical image but according to the very lengthy description that came with the coin, Miss Canada, prior to WW1, was considered the well behaved, and devoted daughter of Britannia. The accompanying paperwork goes on to state that in those pre-WW1 years, Miss Canada was well known and frequently pictured in advertisement and political cartoons. But with Canada gaining a sense of its own nationalism, the idea of Miss Canada as the subservient daughter of Britannia became highly unpopular and Miss Canada, as a symbol of the Nation, started to fade away after WW1. This particular coin was minted in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. My example is Bronze. Now looking forward to 2020, here is what I hope to accomplish in the Numismatic arena.1. Volunteer at 4 more shows, to include the Worlds Fair of Money, coming to Pittsburgh this August. 2. Get that Newfoundland $2 Gold Piece. . 3. Start working on the expensive New Brunswick Provincial issues (I already have the Large Cent). 4. Win a scholarship to the summer seminar in Colorado Springs, my entry went in a couple of weeks ago. 5. Do well with my presentation about Trade Dollars at our January coin club meeting. Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society.Take care all and Happy New Year to all my ANA friends!!!

04 Dec 2019

What Is It About This Hobby?

Coins | Mokester

I started collecting coins in 1968 at the age of ten. At that time, my interest was kindled by friends in my neighborhood, who were in Scouting and had started collecting to earn their merit badges. I have stayed in the hobby due to several factors that hold true to this day.

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