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29 Nov 2018

Join A Club, Join PAN

Club Exchange | Mokie

The most recent ANA blog, published today, advocates a number of things to include getting involved with local clubs.  One affiliation I am very proud of is my affiliation with the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN).   Pan has two large shows each year in the Spring and Fall and also sponsors, at each show a day devoted to our YNs.  There are freebies and educational forums and a youth auction on Saturday.  I have already volunteered to take over the YN outreach going forward.  I was a YN at one time and remember the many kindnesses I experienced at coin shops and from older folks giving me coins.   If you live in Pennsylvania and have not joined PAN, please consider it.  If you attend the National Money Show, look for me at the PAN booth. or in the exhibit area.



PS- we will also be the local host for the ANA National Money Show in Pittsburgh, March 28-30, 2019.



Level 6

Beautiful Medal! Thanks for sharing it. Sounds like a great local club! Wish I lived nearer to attend the ANA Money Show in March.


Level 6

I wish I was near. That is a beautiful medal.No clubs at all in my area. I have to do on line ones, so far. Thanks!


Level 6

I think the PAN emblem was designed by Frank Gasparro.


Level 6

Thank you. Nothing like a local club.


Level 5

I feel clubs are worth the money. Some collectors just want to fill holes and not socialize.


Level 7

I belong to two clubs. One I'm very proud to be The Indianapolis Coin club. They have been in business for 79 years they have there medal but because of on going problems I can't show you. The other is the Civil War Token Society. I get up to date messages from the fire club they put out a great magazine call the Planchet and have raffles. I don't live near there but I keep up to date as much as I can. Clubs are great. Mike.

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