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09 Jan 2022

New at all this. suggestions and recommendations highly encouraged thanks

| user_17024

Hi my name is Scott I just got a membership and new at this. I'm open for suggestions, recommendations and ins and outs people have for me. I started collecting 10 years ago. It started just a couple coins here and there mostly pennies. It was until 3 years ago that it has became a legit passion and hobby of mine leading to becoming a avid collector. I love the fascination it has become for me. It is super interest to me and always being ambitious and wanted to continue learning all I can and continue to do so.


It's Mokie

Level 6

Also consider joining the Facebook group - American Numismatic Association Members - it is a members only group where many scholarly folks add great content. This is different than the public American Numismatic Association page. Make sure you request membership in the Members page, you will know you are at the right place when your request for membership prompts several questions including your ANA membership #. I am one of the site moderators, you will LOVE IT.


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Welcome! Lots of great people here and endless information! Have fun! ; )


Level 6

Hey Scott. You are going to love it here. What do you collect? Have fun and ask away.

AC coin$

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I am happy to see you as a New addition to our community here. You arrived at a great Numismatics House filled with avid collectors like yourself. And, a place to look for outstanding references from numismatists and coin historians. Some of our friend members have been collecting for life and their expertise is instrumental for you and everyone. Thanks to all of our members and people like you ANA makes a difference among si many other sites and institutions. Welcome aboard!!!

Long Beard

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Welcome, Scott! So glad you are with us. To begin, you'll want to create a name for yourself to replace the assigned number. At the top of the page, select my account, then my profile. On the next page, update my user name/password at the far left. After this, begin adding friends by simply clicking on a user's name and then the purple "follow" link almost center at the top of their page. You'll need to wait until they follow you in order to e-mail back and forth. I did this for your's.


Level 5

Welcome, Scott! You've found an invaluable resource for your maximum enjoyment of this great hobby in the ANA!


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The ANA blog area is a great way to learn, and also find out about new areas of numismatics. I've learned about other peoples interests. Seen medals or coins I've never heard about. I enjoy hearing about other collectors experiences in the blogs and forums. Try not to get caught up in the points or ratings of members. We have a couple members currently posting twice a day to advance up the ratings as fast as possible. Asking for followers, and posting their blogs in collections area to attain more points. Just like coins, quality might be better than quantity? Welcome to this site. Ive really enjoyed the ANA site.


Level 7

Welcome! Your in the right place. Follow current active members they will help you. Lots of luck. ! Those who follow you follow them back. This way you can ask questions!

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