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11 Feb 2022


| $tarCollector

Today I am going to announce a few things, the first being my new schedule. I plan to no longer publish three NN newsletters each month, for the amount of good news there is to write about is scarce, so I find myself not having a story to write about, hence I can only write one NN and One SS. And do not worry, I have not published this blog just for the 35 points I get for doing so, and hence, wasting the time you could spend on a blog you like better. I will get into that later.For now, I would like to announce the 1794 Silver Dollar, the most expensive coin ever sold at auction just sold for an even higher price to GreatCollection's President Ian Russell at auction. A few days ago, the Las Vegas man who bought the coin sold it to GC for an expensive $12M. This coin is considered the first silver Dollar struck by the Mint by many, and I will tell you why. In 1794, the first silver Dollar was struck to stop usage of the Spanish-Mexican pillar Dollars being used at the time. If you do not already know, the wordDollarderives from the German word Thaler. There were roughly 1800 of these coins struck in the year 1794, but this is thought to have been the first planchet fed into the dies on that day for one reason, its strong relief. Its condition is the highest known for this year, out of 140 thought to exist, with others being in the NNC(National Numismatic Collection) at the Smithsonian or even at our very own Money Museum. This coin is in SP-66 CAC if I recall right. Again, due to this high grade it is thought be the first coin even struck on those dies. While the others are in poor condition compared to it.I said I would get into writing poor blogs for points later, and now I am. The problem with the people that write these blogs, is the fact that they do not care what content they are giving their readers. So, in spite of this, I am encouraging everyone who follows one of these people to stop following and commenting on these people's blogs. They are not being helpful to the ANA community and do not deserve points from your comments or following. The ANA created points to encourage people to write blogs and comment, not to get the highest and best rank possible. If you see somebody who is writing a blog with three words that is not even about coins, do not comment unless it is for one reason: encouragement. Now encouragement means to give people courage, but that is not what they want. They want points. Encourage them to write long, and fact filled blogs that people enjoy, that is my suggestion.My final announcement is I will start "clustering" blogs. You ask what this means, it means to add links to other blogs about the same or similar topic in your blog, so people can get the most info about one subject. Just add a link or two to your blog to other blogs about the same thing. This is suggestion so everybody can get something out of it. The reader gets all the info he wants, the blogger has to do more work, but then he attracts attention to other blogs, and the other mentioned bloggers get other people to read there blog. If you think this is a good idea, then I suggest you do it. For the wrap up, my main sources were the Red Book and GreatCollections.com. Photo Credit goes to GreatCollection.com as well. Please follow these suggestions my friends. One last thing, can you see the current bid for a lot in the YN Auction? That would be good to know. Thanks for reading,

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