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05 Aug 2019

NCW coin design submission: a plant formula to end world hunger

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

A submission from Young Numismatist Adam Ostrander, who imagines a plant formula that combats poverty and world hunger

SSWO Plant Formula

The SSWO (Soil-less Sun-less Waste Only) plant formula was an important invention, first created In 2039, by John Witherton, Alice Pasonel, and Jacob Brazender. Providing all nutrients needed, and employing chemosynthesis, seeds exposed to even the smallest quantity of SSWO can grow successfully into a healthy plant when planted in some form of waste, whether it be toxic material, moldy old bananas, or any other form of trash. The resulting produce of the plant contains the same nutrients and benefits of regular plants, and without any side effects. After a few successful crops, new waste is recommended to have the most fruitful planting seasons possible.

While at first SSWO was very expensive, progressive improvements have made it affordable to even the poorest of farmers. Starvation has melted away, along with poverty, as many jobless and homeless, whether in the city or a third-world country, have been able to supply themselves with food, and support themselves. The SSWO is, in the words of Jacob Brazender, "A world hunger helping plant formula."



Level 5

Wow, thats a cool design with a great message!


Level 6

What a wonderful sentiment Adam. We have the means to do this, what we lack is the unified desire. Let's hope your generation tries to tackle that befor 2069.


Level 6

Very ingenious. We are all counting on you young people for ideas like this. Good job. Now, make it happen..


Level 7

I think this program is excelent. What better way to get kids and every one else interested in coins. You guys keep up the good work. And thanks for bringing these issues up.

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