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18 Jul 2019

NCW coin design submission: Finding A Cure

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

Here's a nice coin design submission from Young Numismatist Luke Daniel, who envisions finally discovering a cure for cancer.

A Cure for Cancer

I hope that the most exciting discovery in the next 50 years is that a cure for cancer will be found. While I could have chosen a topic such as time travel, flying cars, or a great peace treaty between two nations of the world, I chose the cure for cancer. Approximately 1,735,350 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States alone and 609,640 people die from cancer each year.

Unfortunately, my mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and it affects many other families. So if scientists find a cure it would benefit the entire world and truly be the most exciting discovery ever.



Level 5

How about covid XD (;


Level 3

A cure for cancer would be amazing, but you know what they say... prevention is better than cure. I hope to see that in the future.


Level 6

Great theme and design! I hope a cure comes soon.

a very inspired idea.... Nice!


Level 3

Do you really think that the Pharmaceutical companies want a cure? How man trillions of dollars have been invested or spent on medicines, treatments, Hospice, and many other things. I've got a friend of ours that has cancer. She has to go for Chemo every 60 days and watching her get so sick from the Chemo makes me want to cry. She told me one time that if she wasn't married or had children, she would just let it go. My wife's father had pancreatic cancer. He had been sick for a while, but finally my wife and her mother talked him into doing to a doctor. After many tests, the doctor called and asked him to come in. My wife's mother and her father went to the doctor and he was given the news and was told what can be done to prolong his life for maybe 6 months. He chose not to do anything. For the next several months he went over all of the finances and insurance and funeral. He wrote it all down so that they could take care of it. He sat in his chair for the next 6 months writing everything down he could think of. He couldn't eat because It made him sick. One day he asked if his wife could make a hamburger. She made it and he took one bite and he asked her to take it away. One Sunday morning, he was sitting in his chair and he told his wife he needed to go to the bathroom. She asked him if he needed help and he told her no. Hi went to the bathroom and collapsed. His wife came to him and he died in her arms. Those six months were hard on him and his family. Any chemo or radiation wouldn't have prolonged any longer. They chose not to spend money and all the medicine. The cost to save a life is high. Do we really need another coin. Spend it to find a cure for cancer or dementia that my sister and mother died from. I'm sorry. I went to far afield Thank you guys (and gals). I appreciate all of your information. .


Level 6

Great choice. Lets hope it happens today. Good job.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Here's hoping that it comes true. Nice design and great subject matter.


Level 4

nice coin.


Level 7

Nice design. However I think 50 years is to long. One year is to long. It's a great idea and design.


Level 5

I know to little about "cancer", but there are so many types, does a cure for one cure them all? I would hope for a cure as well. I am sure almost everyone will be able to name someone close that has been affected by cancer. There is no time that would be too soon.

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