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01 Aug 2019

NCW coin design: The Home Recycler

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

A coin design from Charles Hays, commemorating an invention that makes recycling easy and productive.

The Home Recycler

By Charles Hayes (#3181556)

Recycle, reuse and save the world were goals that led to the invention of The Home Recycler (THR). THR is a compact energy efficient invention that recycles paper, magazines, cardboard and plastic of all types into a material used by 3D printers and it also creates certified stock for commercial reuse.

The invention encourages recycling by two methods. 1) Home use in combination with a 3D printer and color ink. It allows users to create custom designs, signature color artistic affects, personalized party tableware (cups, bowls, plates, utensils, etc.) or whatever the user can imagine. People use their ingenuity to create objects that entertain, sell and reflect their personal style. 2) Commercial reuse by receiving recycling credits for their excess paper and plastic. The Home Recycler creates cubes of certified recycled material. It encourages people to not just "throw out" their paper and plastic. It also encourages people to pick up litter they find to receive recycling credits while keeping their neighborhoods clean.

With this invention millions of pounds of recyclable materials are no longer dumped into landfills, streams and waterways. Users control The Home Recycler through the THR App (smartphone, tablet, PC).



Level 5

Love it!


Level 6

Fantastic concept. Well thought out.Thanks.


Level 7

I understand the concept no problem. NASA is working on a program to litter space. So we destroy our world and then you can look at the night sky and see a refrigerator sailing through space. Those machines go for millions. They also make guns. Just about everything. I hope They can stop it from making things that are bad to society. The price will of course will drop. Great idea. Thanks for the design and bring up the problem we don't think about I have.


Level 6

That is a fantastic theme and one I wholeheartedly hope comes to fruition. We only have one home, and we better keep it clean and healthy. Great Job, Charles!!!!!

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