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25 Jan 2019

Penny Collection

Coins | user_19604

This is a collection I got recently in the Fun Show of Orlando, I'm a young Numismatist, so someone gave it to me for free! This contains pennies made from 1959 to 1982 (A. K. A. the copper pennies of 95% Copper and 5% Zinc). These pennies have the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse of the coin. Of course they made these coins until 2008, but the some of 1982 to Date are made 99.2 % Zinc and 0.08% copper. These coins are in great condition, I know that they are not worth that much, but it's still something rare and awsome to find! By the way, it has two of each date, one from Denver, and the other one from Philadelphia! HOPEFULLY YOU CAN SEE THE PHOTO!! ENJOY :)

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