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23 Jun 2022

Washington quarter

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As a new member I haven't figured out how to upload pictures. This week while going through quarters I came across a quarter with the dates 1996&1966. The thing is this is a two headed coin. One side says 1996P and when its flipped over it says 1966 no mint mark. I believe in 1966 there were a few quarters found with the reverse on both sides. This quarter weighs at 5.6 grams which is the appropriate weight. It is worn like it was in circulation for awhile. If some one can give me some instruction I will upload pictures. Also I checked the edges for the blending of two coins. All the edge lines line.up.



Level 4

Real or not, this would be a really fun coin to have!


Level 5

Sounds like a fun coin to find.

AC coin$

Level 6

Welcome to the ANA World. Take pictures easier with your cell Phone. Use variations in light and backgrounds. Bellow, you have received great explanations from members. Good luck and here we are to help you...all of us.


Level 6

Welcome to a great site! Lots of good people and information here. Sounds like one crazy quarter to me! Good luck with uploading photos. Longstrider's directions sound good. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad you are here. I saw one similar. One of my patients had it and lent it to me to take to my trusted coin dealer. It was also a trick coin. I couldn't tell how it was done but the dealer was able to point it out


Level 4

Sounds like an interesting coin. Welcome to the ANA!


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA. Long strider reacted it perfect. You should be able to upload with his instructions. Enjoy your time here lots to learn!! I forgot I have a two headed dime. Magicians used them in there act.


Level 6

It is likely a trick coin. As far as uploading pictures I will try to help. Now relax. It is much easier than it sounds. OK. On the page to write your blog, click on "Add Image". It is on the top right side. K, next click on the "+" sign to the left and below "Select Your Image". Next click on the box that says "Choose Image". It's also on the left. Now you need to choose the image from wherever you have it saved on your computer. Just click on that file and it will show up next to the "Choose Image". Click on the purple "UPLOAD" box. It will now upload and may resize your image. It may take a few seconds. Ounce that is done just click on "SAVE" on the bottom right. That's it. It is pretty easy ounce you do it. Be calm and keep trying. Good luck and WELCOME!

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