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25 May 2017

Nazi “coin” sparks conspiracy theories of alleged Nazi-Jewish Zionist collaboration

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Dear friends,

I wrote this article in order to demonstrate how a numismatic item can cause so much controversy and receive so much attention from the media even after 85 years sibce it was struck.

Furthermore, it also demonstrates how numismatic items are used for propaganda.

Our hobby is closely related to history and we should learn about the history of our coins. This is how people who do not understand that can reach false and dangerous conclusions.

Please have a look at the article!

Nazi “coin” sparks theories of alleged Nazi-Jewish Zionist collaboration

Thank you



Level 5

What an interesting article.... I never heard about this... They say you learn a new thing every day, but on this site, I earn several! Cheers mate!

Thank you for sharing!


Level 6

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing it!


Level 4

Thank you for this info on the topic.


Level 6

Too many cookies and third party stuff on that site, for me. How about a n abstract of the article? What you state in your blog is very true. Thanks!


Level 6

This article can interest collectors, historians. Thanks for sharing.


Level 6

Thanks for the heads up. Interesting article

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.


Level 7

I'm sleepy I don't leave the site. I did once and were I went was unprotected. Had problem. Sorry I'm sure I would of had a good comment for you. Mike.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very interesting article

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