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07 Jul 2017

776 BC - 1976 AD Canadian 100 Dollar Commemorative (Updated)


My Grandparents gave this coin to me today. It is about the size of a quarter but about twice as thick, and I think it to be part gold. Anyone know more about it?

Update: I researched this coin and found that there are two different strike types: (1.) Circulation Strike, weighs 13 grams and is 14-Karat Gold, with an Actual Gold Weight of about one-quarter ounce. The Second Type is a Proof Strike weighs 16 grams and is 22-Karat Gold, with an Actual Gold Weight of about half an ounce.
The coin I was given, amazingly, was the proof type, with about half-an-ounce of gold.


coin collector

Level 4

awesome coin


Level 6

Beautiful coin. It got you to look it up. Crafty Grandparents! Thanks!


Level 6

What a wonderful gift! It's really beautiful! Enjoy : ) Cool Grandparents too!


Level 5

Roof coins were struck in 22k gold without beads around the edge. Total weight 16.965 g. Actual gold weight is 15.550 g. Only 350 pieces struck!!! The proof is large than the 14k gold uncirculated coin. The reverse design, that you have pictured was designed by Dora de Pedery-HUNT.


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I hear that 650,000 Uncirculated coins were minted with about 1/4 ounce of gold, and 350,000 Proof coins were struck, with about 1/2 ounce of gold.


Level 6

Nice gift from your grandparents.


Level 7

Looks like an Olympic medal made in honor of them in most in Montreal. A book on medals or a dealer can give you the right answer. Some medals are very thick. I would check it out. Good looking coin enjoy it the price was very nice and came from a special place. Your grandparents. You will remembrance coins like this. Good for you. Mike


Level 6

That is a lovely coin. I remember the Olympics were in Montreal.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing. very cool coin

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