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20 Feb 2016

Re-Posting Old Blogs! Scores, Levels, and Ranks


I wanted to re-share of ways to get points and when you go up a level.

What Score You Need to Up a Level:
Level 2: 150 Points
Level 3: 750 Points
Level 4: 2,000 Points
Level 5: 10,000 Points
Level 6: 50,000 Points

How to Get Points:
Blogs: 35 Points for creating, 5 Points for your Blog being commented on, and 10 points for commenting on someone else's Blog.
Collections: 35 Points for creating, 5 points for your Collection being commented on and 5 points for commenting on someone else's collection.
Forums: 25 points for creating, 5 for posting a message on someone else's forum thread, and a wimpy 2 points for a message being posted on your forum.
Following: You get 10 points for being followed and 5 points for following someone. 
Logging On: You get 3 points for logging on.
Quizzes: If you pass a quiz, you get 10-30 points.

When I first visited this website, ANA Staff was at the rank of 7, and only one person was at Level 5. Now, 13 people are on Level 5, and ANA Staff is at the rank of 16! Four people have reached the half-way mark to Level 6 (Half Way is 25,000 Points)!


Thanks for the info on pts. They are only good for motivation though. Look at the top people. They follow 4000 people just to be noticed. Get rid of pts.


Level 7

All points show is your involvement. Sharing about coins, history, where they are made its not about points it's about learning. There I s no gold ring for being one. I don't care about them. I just like interacting with other collectors. It's not a game.


Level 5

i have 9999 pt (n ot joking) as soon as this comment is posted, ill have 10009


Level 5

I do not mind using the point system for motivational purposes - to get collectors involved with the intent of sharing and learning. Really reading blogs, asking questions, making comments - sharing more than "sounds great" or "thanks" to every blog just for points affects moral of everyone!


Level 7

First of all I understand you have an eBay store. I would like to check it out.If you have a sellers name I look at it and may be buy! You mentioned that priority mail the small boxes for five dollars an change. They don't charge for insurance. The first 200.00 of insurance is free but they don't tell you that. Second there is a lot of abuse concerned with the point system. I was told when I started here they were going to do away with it. I'm sorry I can't tell you here. But I know it's been reported to the director and her staff. Take care.mike


Level 5

Actually, rates just went up, now a priority mail small box is $6.80, from the previous price of $5.95. Also, only $50 of insurance is free, and if you want more, you have to pay for it all, not just the difference. Priority mail express is insured to $500 for free. Also, my eBay username is cmccs*coins. (Hint: one way to find me is the feedback lookup, but that is complicated to get to. Try that or look up "$25.76 euro coins" and go to sold items, mine is the only item.

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