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20 Jan 2016

The Experts Guide to Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins; Part 1

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My Mom surprised me by bringing home this book from a run to the library. I was astounded! She thought that I might be interested in it, and interested I was! I have always wanted to read this book, but I soon found that it is a DENSE book! The 655 2-Column 11 Font pages not only have plenty of words, but there is enough information in there for a 2000 2-Column 11 Font page book!! I am a fast reader, but for the first fifteen chapters, I could only fit 10 pages in an hour, and by then I was starting to feel lightheaded from all the information I was acquiring! Another part is that it is written by Q. David Bowers!

You must read this book slowly, reread sections until you understand them, and then put them into practice! I am making a complete remodel of my collection mostly from this book, but also from being encouraged to "lose weight" by this month's Numismatist (but that is another story). I have decided that, every day, I will update my blog and do a brief overview of each chapter. As soon as I am finished making this introduction, I will start on chapter one.

Oh, and by the way, silver has not changed much, so I did not worry about a new blog. Silver: $13.78 (-$0.27; -1.92%) Gold: $1060.30 (-$5.50; -0.52%)



Level 5

kellen where di you get it signed?


Level 5

Great! Cannot wait to read your reviews!!!


Level 5

I have a signed copy of this book. I love it.

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