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20 Aug 2017


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So I took a trip to Nebraska. I like to coin roll hunt where ever I am because I like to see which places are better and which places have more special coins at. One of the, is DEFINITELY the bank that my papa use to work at in Nebraska! The day was already amazing, but I knew how to make it even better! I had a couple a bucks on me, so i planned to go to the bank to get some rolls of pennies(F.Y.I, I found a couple of things in the rolls!). When we got their, I also asked the bank teller if they had any silver coins, wheats, or anything special. The bank teller went to the back of the room! My heart pounded like a speaker system a he came back with a little cup that had special coins. He dumbed em' out and I saw silver! There was one silver quarter, and a BUNCH of mercuries! I asked him if I could purchase them, and he gave them to me for face value, which was only 96 cents! I couldn't thank him enough! When we got in the car, I looked at them. One of the mercuries was from... 1917!!!!!! And another one, dated 1942, is In ... MS - 64!!!!! THAT WAS ONE OF MY BEST FINDS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, one of the next times I went there, they had ANOTHER mercury dated 1938! And now, I always got the that bank!



Level 5

That is a great find!


Level 5

Excellent means of collecting. Be sure to keep at it.


Level 6

That's great! Congratulations on the on your finds!


Level 6

Good finds. Keep searching. If you found a 1917 Mercury dime, what could turn up next?


Level 4

Congrats on finding a good bank!


Level 7

So if we send you money can you help us out! Haha. I know you can't but that's a good teller and good bank. Your doing very well keep it up and continued good luck. Mike.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is really great bargain

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