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09 Aug 2022

1952 (1932) Bolivia 1 Boliviano Banknote

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"1932 or 1952...?"

Originally launched in 1864, this type of banknote belongs to the first boliviano order which circulated from 1864 to 1963. The former currency name before this was known as the "escudo" or shield.

This nicely preserved note comes with printing issues which makes it more interesting and attractive to collectors everywhere. Such issues include misalignments of numbers and/or letters which can be observed closely in the word "Emisión" and the intriguing year of issuance which can be taken for 1932 or 1952.

Many features are seen in this banknote, on of them is the reverse showing the well decorated Bolivian Coat of Arms which brings a mirror-like oval shaped center with details of Bolivia's landscape in the Central part of the country. Inside this "cameo" looking oval piece many details can be seen that gives us a sense of the Nation's origins and culture, the background mountain of Potosí, known for its silver, the "alpaca" standing by a tall palm tree near a wheat mound. To a more liberal imagination other details could be checked. The note's obverse main feature is the portrait of the "libertador" Simón Bolívar, perhaps known as founder of modern free South America.

The Boliviano was originally pegged to the French Franc as a rate of 5 Bolivianos=1 Franc. Then, historically the United States Government rescued the unstable Bolivian economy and kept an open standard and rating to the Boliviano in order to make the currency compete within markets since its value in silver was decaying. It should be noted that Bolivia was a mining paradise in many types of ore, and still has a few sites under extraction in semi-nationally controlled enterprises.

Enjoy this beautiful banknote which I decided to show apart due to its many printed conditions. I am still to file it as an overprint note, but as a great sample of Bolivia's currency I will leave it to your opinions and comments which are always welcomed. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Nice looking note! ; )

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Pretty nice note. I love my Latin American coins and paper.

AC coin$

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