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29 Jan 2022

2013 White Mountain New Hampshire Quarter

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My older brother, who served in the US Navy for over eighteen years, once told me, that seeing the entire Navy Band perform and parade on every boot camp graduation was impressive, he recalled that the flag for the state of New Hampshire's motto is "Live free or die." That motto stayed with him thru his military servicetime. The beauty of this New England area state gives a special sense of freedom. New Hampshire entered the Union on June 21, 1788 as the 9th state.

TheWhite Mountainsare amountain rangecovering about a quarter of the state ofNew Hampshireand a small portion of westernMainein theUnited States. They are part of the northernAppalachian Mountainsand the most rugged mountains inNew England. The range is heavily visited due to its proximity toBostonand, to a lesser extent,New York CityandMontreal.

The backdrop or artistic venue for this America The Beautiful Series quarter is White Mountain as captured thru a partial forest.

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Level 6

Thanks... Nice scenery.

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