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14 May 2022

Tokens for the "afterlife"

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While re-arranging part of my library and putting away some of my art and history books, I stumbled upon a copy of a magnificent art catalog published in joint cooperation between the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and, the United Exhibits Group of Coppenhague, Denmark in 2002. The well published art catalog is titled "The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt." Within its pages many Egyptologists and additional experts have exposed for future generations their insights and knowledge regarding the ancient Egyptians and their path thru earthly time. I chose to read again Dr. Erik Hornung's exquisite esssay titled: "Exploring the Beyond" enclosed in this great publication. Dr. Erik Hornung (1933) is a Swiss born World reknown Egyptologist. My writing is a humble way to connect a study of the belief in an afterlife with a numismatist item: the token.

One of the most intriguing and fascinating revelations might come from the ancient Egyptians and their belief in the afterlife. Many cultures after them incorporated this thought of a realm earned with a granted passage by a "token" of material value given to a deity or "overseer" who led the soul of a fervent or misfortunate being (as justified beliefs applied to individuals) into his/her new existence.

Tokens indeed, have been used for quantification of rights and for qualifications of beings. This involved a process of proper measurements of both the material value and the acceptance or denial of the kind of individual within his lifelong experiences.
Even though there is no precise word for the valuable item offered in the passage/payment of the material realm into the next non-material existence, the ancient Egyptians did leave evidencie on their dead of a material "token" to be presented by the soul on the afterlife and be then credited into or rejected from the "soul travel" into higher realms.

Regardless of the etymology of the word "token" and its proto-germanic origins, the Egyptians did place an ultimate valuable item over their dead beloved ones while preparing their bodies for the eternal journey. This process filled with a sense of belonguing to an established spiritual path marked the importance of the worldly connection between exchange and passage, which, in essence is the purpose of tokens.

In my own words.

AC Coin$

May 14, 2022.



Level 5

An interesting take on history.


Level 6

Interesting indeed. Are you saying that the "token" was to be a coin of some sorts or that "offering" could be anything of value?

AC coin$

Level 6

Yes, thanks, it has been historically proven that they placed two sorts of amulets or spiritual tokens over the chest and the feet areas of mummified corpses, It was a payment in belief for Lord Anubis patron of Beyond

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