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31 May 2019


| user_3589

Hi all!Quick question...I have a good Fuji camera that takes very sharp photos but when I add then to this site the quality seems degraded?? Any ideas on what Im doing wrong?Thanks for any helpD



Level 6

I would try shooting at the highest setting then resizing it, in your photo software to a smaller size. I use Microsoft Office Picture manager. I resize my photos, usually, to the "web large" size, 640 x 480 pix. If that doesn't work, call the ANA. They are pretty good at helping. It did take me a while to get good shots on line.. Good luck.. I use a little Nikon Cool Pix camera. It is all auto so it is hard to get photos of a coin in a slab. It wants to focus on the plastic. Good luck..

Mike B

Level 6

I shoot with 1.2 1.1 you might be shooting to large make the settings as small as you can. Do you have a macro lens? That would be a problem. You can shoot with your smart phone send it to your email then load it were you store your pictures. That's why I do. It works great . Don't give up it took me awhile also you will get it. Lots of luck.


Level 3

Thanks Pat. I assumed the camera would do a better job but apparently not. Ill give that a try. Thanks again


Level 5

Don't have answer, but I would not be surprise, it has something to do with this website. I some what see the same graininess.


Level 3

Thanks I know the sensor is 12 Megs. Maybe too much for the site? Thanks for the reply!

Hmmm, perhaps it has to do with size conversion..... I am not too knowledgeable in that area though


Level 3

Thanks for the reply! They are super sharp when I preview them but when they upload it must be getting compressed? The camera is 12 megs Thanks again

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