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28 Aug 2020

Review of "The Coin Collector's Survival Manual"

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The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual by Scott A. Traver is a great choice for experienced collectors looking for a book chock full of tips and great advice from a professional Numismatist. This book teaches collectors how to buy and sell coins safely, invest in coins, how to store your coins safely, how to avoid scams, tips for Coin Shows, and much much more. Unlike other coin collecting books like Coin Collecting for Dummies, The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual is more tailored towards experienced collectors. I see this more as a positive though, as this means even experienced collectors can benefit from the information this book has to offer. It is written by Scott A. Traver, a former Vice-President of the American Numismatic Association, and it shows as Scott is extremely knowledgeable in the subject. I enjoyed The Coin Collector's Survival Manual very much and give it 5 out of 5 stars.



Level 6

Sounds like a good read! Thanks for your review! ; )

I read this book a few years ago and something Traver pointed out has always stayed with me: It's easier to sell a $100 coin than a $10,000 coin.

This is more for the investor than the collector for me, but I wouldn't refuse to read it.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This sounds more like a book that would be useful to me. Gosh, you write a lot of book reports! How long did it take to read all these books you posted about today?


Level 3

I know how this looks, I read these books over the course of the last year and wrote the reviews after I submitted my membership form so as soon as I my membership was accepted I could publish the reviews and meet the YN dollar deadline.


Level 7

How many pages any pictures in the book. ? I have to ask when did you read these four books.?


Level 3

Hi Mike! There are 365 pages in the book counting index, glossary, etc. and there are pictures/diagrams in the book. I have read these four books over the course of the last year and posted the reviews at once because I wanted to be able to earn the YN dollars associated with this activity, and the deadline for submissions is Sep. 1.


Level 5

I will read this one. Sometimes books like this are for a select few. Investing in coins is for a small percentage of the numismatic world. Most of us collect things we like, dream about the coins increasing in value. These type of books can help in a way though.

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