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11 Mar 2018

Mercury Dime Collection

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Got 5 more for the collection on Saturday:

1927D VG

1928D VG

1936S VF

1943 VG/F

1943D  AU

Got over 1/2 the set now, most are at least VG or better except a few of the early ones.  53 of the 77 holes are filled now.



Level 3

Congrats on the pickups Mercs are a classic favorite of many


Level 5

Mercury Dimes are so much fun. I still need the 3 keys.


Level 6

Mercury dimes are attractive and popular. Great set to build! Keep going! I bet I know which coin will be the last. :)


Level 6

Great weekend pick ups. Keep working on it!!


Level 7

That's good work keep it up. Before you know it you will have the set! It's a great coin. Lots of luck with it. Mike.


Level 6

It is nice to have matching grades for a collection, no matter what grade.


Level 6

That's great! Mercury dimes are a favorite of mine too. I have a Dansco Album set that I've been working on for awhile now...I have 4 more holes left to fill! Keep up the good work.

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