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21 Mar 2020

A De-constructed National Coin Week Exhibit

National Coin Week | Al Raddi

Each year for the last eight years, my local coin club, the Huron Valley Numismatic Society (which meets in Highland, MI) has created an exhibit at the Milford Public Library (MPL) in Milford, MI for the American Numismatic Association (ANA) National Coin Week (NCW). However, this year, MPL has closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus until at least April 5, 2020, and probably longer. So, I'm deconstructing our exhibit for this year and putting the text and some photos on my ANA Blog in case we may not be able to create an actual exhibit at MPL from April 19 -25, 2020.

This six-frame "blog-xhibit" follows the 2020 NCW theme "Remarkable Women: Catalysts of Change" and features: 1. A page of information on NCW along with a pitch for my local coin club, 2. A page of information on Susan B. Anthony, 3. A page of information of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and 4-6. Photos of P, D and S Susan B Anthony dollars in first day of issue (July 2, 1979) covers created by the Postal Commemorative Society. (The exhibit at MPL will/would include some related books available at the library.)

Special thanks to MPL for promoting numismatics by making a display case available each year for NCW, making its Community Meeting Room available each year for the Huron Valley Numismatic Society Coin Appraisal Night (a service to community members at no charge) and making "Coin World" available weekly for its magazine readers.



Level 6

Great exhibit! Thanks for showing it here so we can enjoy it! ; )


Level 6

This is a great idea. Even though your event is cancelled, we get to see your exhibit. Brilliant!..


Level 5

It is great your club exhibit at the library. Nice blog.


Level 6

What a well put together exhibit and what a great idea. I am going to propose it to my hometown library when they reopen. Thanks for sharing this great outreach.


Level 5

Great idea to post here. Your coin club sounds like a great active club promoting the hobby. Thanks for posting.


Level 7

Nice job!! Very well thought out. To bad it was cancelled. But i would rather be safe than sorry. Im glad you decided to put it up.

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